Knitting with ribbon

I have a ton of 1/4 inch ribbon and would love to knit something (easy)
with it. No scarves please.
Please help.

when i typed ‘ribbon’ into the yarn search box on ravelry, it came up with 34 pages of ribbon-type yarn… and each has tons of ideas on their respective ‘pattern ideas’ and ‘projects’ tabs… i saw necklaces, headbands, shrugs and shirts, shawls and wraps… you name it. check it out at so you can see which yarn best resembles your ribbon, but some great options regardless of brand/size.

Thank You!
I can’t believe I now have a problem deciding what to do!!

hey that’s a GOOD problem - happy knitting! :wink:

Welcome to my world!

I found the Taormina Ribbon Cowl Neck Shell (C167) on Ravelry. The gauge is 4 stitches to the inch, but I don’t know if it is 1/4 inch ribbon.

What if you cast on ~20-24sts with your yarn and see what gauge you get?
The Taormina calls for 4sts/inch on size 11 needles so that’s a place to start.