Knitting with Perle Cotton #8

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I’m making a beaded purse but am new to knitting. Are there any techniques or tricks to knitting with it? My needles are tiny and very slippery so having trouble slipping the thread through stitches.

Any help would be most appreciated.
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Holy moly! I wouldn’t do that to myself and I’m an experienced knitter. You’re working on some heirloom-quality complexity here. I’d find a scarf or wrap or something else with a much larger yarn for my first beading project (I used light weight the only time I did beading–it was a small pouch to hold a handmade string of prayer beads). Or do a bookmark or something simple so you can get used to working with the yarn, needles, and beads–all three of these are going to prove a challenge on this project. You’ve probably also got some complex finishing and attaching a clasp at the end, too. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but I’d hate to see you quit knitting because one of your first projects was a discouraging experience.

How tiny is tiny? You can get wooden needles as small as size 0 (I feel like I had a pair of wooden 00s a while back before they snapped) but you’ll probably have to order them online and I bet you’re using something like a 0000. Wood is grippier but you’re probably stuck with metal in the really tiny gauges.

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It’s not my first project, I’ve made a scarf before, but going from bulky to thread like is proving tough. My needles are metal and size 0000/1.5mm as the pattern calls for. Not sure how much bigger the bag would get if I went up to a 0 or a 1.

The stitches would be too loose if you went up to a larger needle size. As far as the trouble with the tiny stitches and slippery needles goes, that’s just going to be the nature of this project.