Knitting with Panels?

I just bought the new Debbie Bliss knitting magazine because I saw the cutest sweater top in it- the A-Line Cabled Top. I’ve never done anything like it before and I don’t understand what to do with the panels. In the instructions it lists: Pattern Panel A which is worked over 17 sts and over 36 rows. It also lists Panels B and C which are both worked over 6 sts and 6 rows.

After it gives the Pattern Panels, it has you cast on 121 sts and then tells you what to do with those stitches for several rows, then it reads: Working correct patt panel rows, cont in patt as set, until work measures 4in from cast-on edge…

So I’m wondering (can anyone help me?) how do you incorporate these panels? The rows and amount of stitches just doesn’t match up to the 121 stitches I’m supposed to cast on (though increases do occur after the initial cast on).

Please help!!


You would do both pattern st and row repeats of each panel to get to the 121 sts and. So when you get done with the 6 rows of B and C, you start at row 1 again, while working row 7 of panel A.

Wow! Thanks for your quick response suzeeq! :muah:

I think I get it now!


Somewhere there it should tell you how they want you to set the panel sequences up and sometimes there are other stitches you do between panels. Sue explained how the rows within the patterns in the different panels are worked, but it should tell you more about how to set the panels up.

it has you cast on 121 sts and then tells you what to do with those stitches for several rows
When you did this part I suspect it was setting up the sequencing for the panels so that the number of stitches ends up adding up to 121.

Thanks Merigold! That was a big thing I wasn’t getting. I went back and sure enough, it’s there in the pattern when to do each panel and just like you said, it’s interspersed among other things (maybe that’s why I didn’t notice it before : ) I appreciate your help!

You’re welcome. Glad I was of some help.