Knitting with new little added later post

I cannot express how in love I am with my new son - hard to believe he is almost 3wks old ! Thing is that I haven’t been getting ANY knitting done. I even took it to the hosp with me thinking I would sit in bed and knit while he slept and there was no laundry or dishes to do…I find myself watching him constantly. He’s better than TV !
I have to get back to my knitting as my project OTN’s is an afghan for little man and if I don’t get started soon he will be mobile and that will create a whole new set of obstacles to knitting.

Congratulations on the new little man!! Ain’t little baby boys just the best?? My son’s 40 now, but I can still remember how in love I was with him the first time I saw him. Such a miracle! Enjoy him…they sure do grow up fast.

CONGRATS!!:yay: Picture on the way? or do we have to wait till the knitting’s done?:rofl:

congrats to your boy.
Find some time in your day for knitting. Babies are happier when their mommies are relaxed and happy. Of course there are less options but take care of yourself, too.

Congratulations! I remember those days when all you do is look at them. :thumbsup: You’ll find time for knitting eventually just do what comes naturally now. :hug:

Congratulations!!! Parenthood…there’s nothing more rewarding. My “baby” boy is 41, and my “baby” girl just turned 40. Even though they’re grown adults now, they’re still my babies. They were born 16 months apart so I had my hands full for awhile. Yes, knitting had to be put on the back burner quite often, but if you enjoy it,you’ll find a way to fit it into your busy mommy schedule. For now enjoy that precious little miracle! Before you know it you’ll be sitting across from each other at the kitchen table helping him fill out college applications! The best to you all!:hug:

I second the comment that we would like to see a pic and the admonishion to enjoy the time mine are 15 and 17. One is a senior this year and in some ways it seem like yesterday that he was new. Squeeze in the time to knit for yourself as well. Congrats on your new baby!

Congrats! And I second/third/fourth the begging of pics of the little guy.

I understand just staring at this wonderful thing you’ve created. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that sense of awe and wonderment, especially when they are teens, but even as they are grown you sometimes look up and think to yourself, “I made that?! How wonderful!”

Get back to knitting when you feel like it. Knitting should never feel like a “have to” thing. Most likely you’ll knit something for him. :inlove:

Congratulations! I feel like you were just announcing your pregnancy. Where has the time gone? I’ll fifth or sixth the request for pictures.

Congratulations!!! :hug:

Congrats on the babe…things (I hear) are guaranteed insanity for the first while with a newborn, so expect things to calm down a little bit later. Can your DH/SO help with laundry and dishes etc? Seems an awful lotta work for one person with a newborn to look after…

Congratulations on your new little guy!

Even if you can only knit for a few minutes here & there, that blanket will get finished sooner rather than later.

Congrats on your baby boy. :slight_smile:

I will have my own little monster to stare at endlessly in just over a month now. It seems so crazy that there will be a whole new person here soon.

It’s so hard trying to get his blanket done now but I am trying since I know once he’s here it will be even harder.


Not sure why “it” wouldn’t let me add pictures to my original post but here are a couple of the little guy. He was born at 8lbs and 22ins and is well past that by now as he has outgrown the cloths we brought him home in! The picture of him in his swing is about as long as he lasted in there…hoping he learns to tolerate it.

he’s a cutie :slight_smile:

we’re on the backside of the kid thing now… our youngest turned 10 last week, which means 8 more years until there aren’t anymore kidlets at home with us… (any of the schools he’s considering will require him to live elsewhere)

soo cute

:cheering: :hug: such a cutie!! Hope he gets to like the swing…it looks like the one a few of my great nephews loved…so did the adults;)

Such a cutie pie !

Love the sunglasses pic! What a cutie! Congratulations and well done. :muah:

He’s adorable!!