Knitting with multiple colors

I’m about to begin a project that uses five different colors of yarn. I’ve never gotten good instruction on how to handle that many different strands of yarn. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Do you mean 5 colors in a single row?

Guess I should have explained better! It’s a picture of a cockatoo. (It’s from the March 1986 Good Housekeeping magazine.) The sweater has verticle read and yellow stripes on a blue background, with this bird sitting on a branch. The bird is white with black beak.

So, yes, some of the rows will have as many as five colors, but some will have only three or four.

This sounds like it is probably intarsia, right? The colors are not carried across the back of the work. If it is then do some reading up on intarsia. I don’t use butterflies, I just use a piece of yarn a yard or two long, depending on how much I think I will need for that particular spot of color, and I let the ends hand like an octopus and pull the color strand I need up out of the bunch when I need it. You have to twist the strands together when you change color. I think there is a video here at Knittinghelp on intarsia.

You BETCHA! I’m actually doing my first “more than one color” (okay so mine is only 2) project RIGHT NOW. BEST advise I can give is to check out Amy’s videos here on this site. Multiple color knitting help videos are in the “Advanced Techniques” section…just scroll down.

Hope that helps! Happy knitting and WELCOME to the Knittinghelp forum!

It’s either intarsia or fair isle. Both methods have videos on the advanced tab at the top of the page.

Thanks to all of you! I’ve been knitting for more than forty years and never heard of “intarsia.” I will do some reading up on that. Unfortunately, due to s-l-o-w I-net connection, videos are all but impossible for me.

Okay, I just did some reading on intarsia, and I think I can do it! I will be sure to post a picture when I’m done.