Knitting with multiple colors/yarn

When you cast on more than one color together (say 4) it creates 4 loops on the needle at the same time. Once casted on and you begin to knit/purl, do you knit each look separately or all 4 together?

I meant Loop not look.

treat each of them like they are one loop (though that has me curious as to what it would look like if you tried the other :thinking:)

at some point you will forget that you are working with more than one strand…four can be tricky sometimes though…have to make sure you are getting all the loops or one will drop!

So basically I k4tog kind of?

Yeah, you knit the four colors as one stitch.

well i guess sort of but i would never want to really DO a K4tog! :shock:

if you cast on you will see pretty easily how it is done…they really don’t look like four separate stitches at all.

I think? I get the question… and I think? you knit all of them at once OR you will get extra stitches???