Knitting with more than one strand

So I bought a lot of wool at very discounted prices (I am talking pure wool at $20 for about 2.2 pounds of yarn), but I was annoyed when I got it to find that it is super thin. :!!!: I have gotten to the point where I have figured out that a single strand of this particular 4ply knits up on a 2.75 mm needle! :wall: Three strands work out ok on a 4mm needle. Suffice it to say that I will definitely be tripling, if not quadrupling, quintupling, sextupling or even septupling this yarn, LOL!

My question is, how do I do this efficiently? :?? I made three seperate balls but this yarn, which is unfortunately also squeaky to boot (grrr), got all tangled up. I thinking of combining the yarn first and then making it into a ball.

Any advice that you all might have about how I can do this efficiently would really be appreciated. :notworthy: :cheering:

Thanks in advance for your responses.

You have several options - you can take three or four strands and wind them into one big ball and knit from that. You can also put your individual small balls in seperate Ziploc bags and close it almost all the way. This will help keep the yarn from tangling - it may still twist, but that is easy to fix. It doesn’t matter if your yarn is twisted when you knit with it so try not to worry about that too much!