Knitting with more than one color while knitting in the round

Ok this is the first time I am using circular needles. I chose to do a hat as it is my understanding is a good project to start with on these needles. My problem is I am unsure how to use them when we are talking about more than one color. Are there any instructional videos I can watch? Or do I add the two colors at the beginning regardless of when the pattern calls for each (first row of 99 sts calls for 5 knit of one color and 5 purl of the other until last four sts.) Thanks for any help!

So you’ll be doing vertical stripes? If so then you’ll need to use both at the same time in a method called stranding (aka fair isle). Here’s a video where I learned.

There is also a video here under the video tab/advanced techniques.

It takes practice to learn w/o getting the stitches and floats too tight so be patient.

Hi, Jan!

Thanks so much for this Philosopher’s Wool video. It’s awesome! And just something I was looking for only today to work into a design for the book!!!

Wow! :yay:

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Ruthie :knitting:

You’re welcome, Ruthie! It helped me tremendously when I learned fair isle because I couldn’t hold two yarns in one hand easily. :thumbsup:

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! I was going crazy, this helps me greatly. And thanks for the encouragement, I will keep at it. :muah: