Knitting with mohair?

problem solved.

so I fixed my mohair - yay! but now I am wondering what to do with it all.

I don’t want to make a scarf, and the person I want to knit it for is pretty mod but not really trendy, and not really the shawl type.

will anything I knit out of it stretch completely out of shape?

it is worsted weight, is that also too thick to knit together with something else?

I think I have maybe 400 yards.
plus 600 or 700 in the same color worsted wool/mohair, if I could knit them into something together somehow.

can anyone point me in the direction of a cute pattern? doesn’t have to be free (but free would be nice!).


[color=indigo]Hi Rebecca,

I think mohair does nicely with wool. That solves the shapeless & stretchy problem, as well as “the Gawd, Gawd, but dis yarn is liddil-biddy an’ hard to see” problem. You might like to make something with an elongated stitch pattern; that should showcase the fineness of the mohair.

I am in the process of making a triangular shawl, a project I would not recommend to even a mortal enemy. So … Boston, eh? … Hmmm. Quick project? Hat or Scarf (lotsa interesting stitch patterns) with 4 purl row bands in contrasting color mohair above the k2p2 ribbing; more work - a wrap or stole. :doh: :??:

Good luck, chere!