Knitting With Maxi Cord

I’ve been selling off what I don’t want from my Christmas yarn bonanza. One item that is [I]not[/I] getting any action is a large lot of maxi cord (thick, braided nylon for macrame). I find this stuff all the time at yard sales–cheap–and never bother with it, since I don’t do macrame. Now that it looks like I might get stuck with a whole box full of it, I decided to grab my size 15 needles and knit up a sample. WOW! It comes out super thick and springy – perfect for door mats and dog beds. YEE-HAH! I’ll leave it listed for another week or so, then, if it doesn’t sell, you’ll see my maxi-cord knitting projects over here in my FOs. :woot: Anybody else do anything knitty with maxi cord?

I’ve never tried that. But I have knit with strips of fabric, stips of pastic shopping bags, and that pastic cording stuff.

Kewl! I’ve spiral-cut T-shirts into continuous strips about 3/4" wide, then stretched them out, so they spring back rolled up. That makes a great soft, bulky “yarn” to knit or crochet with. The only problem is that it takes longer to cut the strips than it does to knit/crochet them up.