Knitting with Linen

Since I started knitting I have learned so much from you guys regarding yarns, but one I haven’t heard much about is linen. I am looking at completing a pattern which calls for linen yarn. What should I look for/expect in a good linen yarn? What is the typical care for linen? What should I expect from wear and tear? Does it shrink like wool? Stretch and “give up” like some cottons?

Wow… No takers? Okay… what could I use instead of linen? I am not sure what linen yarn might feel like so I am not sure what might be comparable. I am kinda thinking fingering weight cotton…

If you soak and wash it first, it will bloom and your gauge will be right on. If you don’t wash it first, you have to knit a swatch then wash it, to get your gauge. What looks like a thin yarn will look different after you wash.

The stuff is almost indestructible. Wash and dry-to almost dry. The more you wash the better it feels.

If you knit a lace or a more open gauge your hands will thank you. There is NO give!

There is no Stretching.

There is no shrinking.

left over yarn, makes GREAT dish cloths!!!

I like the way it drapes.

When I am knitting with it I alway have a second project on the needles in wool.
Try it, you might like it. I am slowly working on Krystyna. I have sock and clog interruptions. :roll:

Kemp has some great prices on the cone of Henry’s attick.


Thanks so much for the information! I love the look of the linen hand towels in Mason Dixon Knitting, but have searched far and wide for linen yarn to get a feel for it (literally). I have no LYS within 30 minutes, and the local chain stores don’t carry any…so I was totally at a loss.

I am leaving on vacation the day after tomorrow and plan to hit all the yarn stores along the way so hopefully will find some linen as well as some malabrigo.

Linen will feel coarse in the store. You have to wash it a few times, to get what it will feel like.

Have a great vacation! :clink: