Knitting with Fun Fur - TIPS?

HI! I am a brand new knitter, trying to self-teach with videos on this site and on youtube. I’d like to make some scarves for my nieces using some Fun Fur and other fun (frilly) threads. I am finding, though, that there is less “elasticity” with these threads, so I’m wondering if I need to try different needles or something. Any advice/tips would be appreciated! Feel free to email me, too. THANKS!!! :knitting:

Hi and welcome!

If you are a beginning knitter, I would recommend staying away from fun fur solely for scarves…You could try holding 2 yarns together, the fun fur with something else so you have the fun/funkiness but also the elasticity (and it would probably be less time consuming). Knitting with fun fur alone can become frustrating so on the rare occasions I knit with fun fur, I use it along with a bulky or worsted weight yarn.

Do a couple in smooth yarn first, or practice knitting on smooth yarn before you try this yarn. Because of the lashes on this yarn, it’s very difficult to see your stitches, and hard to rip back or take out a few stitches. If you do use it, use really big needles, size 13 or 15, and knit only in garter stitch.

Yeah, what they said. You might also consider one of the fun fur yarns that has a lot of other fibers in it besides the eyelashy stuff, they’re a bit easier to work with and you don’t have to deal with two balls of yarns that way.

“Fun” fur is never fun to knit with, but it’s especially bad for new knitters. You need a yarn that you can see your stitches on so you can get them right before you dive into something like that. :thumbsup:

If you have your heart set on fun fur (it does make cool scarves), try using size 13 or size 15 needles. I’ve had the best luck with metal needles (just your usual Bates or Boye brands). Even better if the needles don’t match the yarn color. Also, knit loosely so you can pick up the stiches easier.

I agree with the others. Fun Fur is definitely not a fiber you want to learn with. About the only thing you may learn is that you don’t like knitting, and that wouldn’t be good. I, like you, tried to learn with the stuff. Ended up chucking it. After you have some practice though, and you feel more comfortable with knitting itself, I would definitely carry it with another smooth yarn that compliments the fun fur. :wink: my .02.