Knitting with faric strips

I bought a kit to make a purse at the store. The project has you knit /purl strips of fabric. The material has a right and wrong side. Somehow all my work looks inside out. Is there a trick to knitting this so that the right side shows? Also, is it normal for the fabric to fray a lot?Thank you. I’ve learned soooooooomuch from this site :muah:


Hi Mom! :heart:

My mom bought a purse kit with fabric and had me knit it for her… it was all done in the round and the fabric would get twisted on me so I kinda worked the fabric as I knitted with it like folding it in half so it would go through right side both ways…this did help a lot I thought… and I did have some fraying… after I finished it mom told me there is a product that you can put on your fabric to keep it from fraying… so you might be able to check that if it doesn’t make it to stiff it might help… :blooby:

I tried one of these kits, but it was hard on the hands. I did find the strips frayed and you get right and wrong side fabric. I liked how it came out overall, I just didn’t like the damage it did to my hands.


This sounds arduous, but could you press the fabric strips in half lengthwise so that the right sides are out? And then knit?

I made a toothbrush rug once a long time ago, and this method was a pain but worth it so the colors were bright.

:yay: another chicago person!!! I live in Dixon (like you know where that is, hahaha).

Pfftec is my mom :heart: I suggested the ironing too. Sounds like a PITA, but she’s retired, she has lots of time!

Thank you everyone. I think the ironing might be the answer. Since I have sooooooooooomuch time on my hands, as Hildie said, I’ll give that a try. BTW, don’t I have a loving, sweet, wonderful, smart, helpful, funny daughter. PS, beautiful too! :muah: