Knitting with Fabric

[color=blue]… I love to quilt and knit… :cheering: I saw a kit that would be the best of both worlds. Have any of you knitted with fabric? There were some really great bags to make. Happy Sunday! :sunny: [/color]

Not I … BUT … check out this google. :thumbsup:

I saw a kit for a knitted fabric purse at Joann’s the other day and I thought it looked like fun. I am definately going to try one after some of my WIP’s get completed.

Thanks! I found the instructions for many bags! There are so many great things to try… and so little time lol… Enjoy your day! :sunny:

Hiiiiii! I sat down a month ago and took all my old sweat pants (red and blue and baby blue) and cut them into long strips, about 1", and then got out my No. 15 needles and started making a rag rug.
Oh, when you cut things up like this you create one continuous piece, it’s a little challenge)

I don’t know what possessed me to do that since I have all this beautiful handdyed wool waiting…

maybe I just wanted to get rid of the sweatpants. Anyhoo, the rug is looking really neat and it’s so funny to think it was sweatpants.
I only work on it every few days because it’s HARD work, very muscular. I think some bags would be really great knit up with fabric. But you might have some of your own stuff to cut up rather than buy it? (Well, I do, like old dresses I hate…)

[color=blue]mmm I have quite a stash of fabric–some pretty bizzare stuff that I probably would never put into a quilt :shock: My daughter was into wild and wonderful for a while… I will have to give it a try… looks like fun! :XX: Sweat pants… that is great! lol. It is amazing how creative we can be hmm? Have a great day! :sunny: [/color]