Knitting with eye lash

I have knitted with boucle, fuzzy stuff and other difficult yarns, but this stuff is the pits. I am making a red wool hat and using some Bernat Disco in Mowtown Mauve (what’s with the name??? the stuff is deep purple) to make a new hat for my Red Hat meetings and it is like knitting with fiberglass! If the hat wasn’t going to be so cute, I would take it out, but I have to use it as it makes the hat look so “over the top” and that is what Red Hatters are all about. Maybe I need to go up and get those extra gloves I have from dying my hair and put them on ! :rofl: (Ummmm, ignore the “I dye my hair” comment, totally false, untrue…) :eyebrow:

yeah fun fur and eyelash yarns are not fun to work with… I don’t usually knit with them at all when I first started to knit I bought some… I think adding a solid yarn to it helps if you can and then bigger needles seem to make it some what easier to work with :rofl:

I’ve never had it hurt my hands though but I never gave it that long of a chance either :rofl: I’m not sure what could help that… maybe extra lotion at night time to help heal them…

I’ve knitted with Lion Brand’s “Fun Fur” and “Fancy Fur” (the “Fancy Fur” was an even bigger pain in the butt!), and both were tricky to get used to. I made hats from both of them and used a size 13 needle, and it wasn’t too bad as long as I took my time and moved very slow. That is probably my biggest problem with harder yarns to work with…I have to knit at a snail’s pace so that I can work with the yarn, and I usually have to train myself to knit very loosely too because I find if I knit too tightly (or at my regular gauge), it makes working on the project hellish. In any event, the hats turned out very cute, and whenever I wear them, they make people smile. The reason I wanted to knit them is because they make me happy because they’re fun, so the end result can definitely be worth the hassle. Just think of how unique your hat will be once you finish it, and you won’t be knitting it forever. I’ll bet it will be very cute once you finish it–please post a picture once you’re done! And you can do it! :thumbsup:

I must be weird, I actually like knitting that stuff. I’ve made a ton of tube boa scarves now for my neices and they love it. It took me awhile to realize that you have to make sure the yarn is going the right way (this way < instead of this way>) . Plus it doesn’t shed like store bought boas do.

The bernat metallic yarns are much more annoying than any other fur yarn. It feels bad and turns my bamboo needles whatever color I’m working on. However, if you can stand it, it looks great in the end!!

i’ve been knitting fuzzy scarves w/ lion brand’s “fun fur” since i was like 2 months into learning how to knit and i always luved it! if u use big needles (i used 10, but 11 is probably better) i goes really fast and its almost impossible to notice any mistakes with all the fuzziness.