Knitting with Elastic Blend

I recently purchased a couple of balls of Maizy yarn (corn / elastic blend). My intention was to use it to teach myself how to knit socks.

I also bought a hank of colinette jitterbug.

The pattern that came with the jitterbug is the one I am using.

Everything seemed to fit okay with this pattern until I got it finished and the part from the heel to the toe was too short. I followed the pattern exactly so I know that’s not the problem. I was also hitting the gauge for stitches okay.

After the sock was finished and I discovered it didn’t fit the way I thought it would, I checked gauge again and noticed that my row gauge was way, way off.

Is that typical of yarn with elastic content?

I bought another set of DPNs, a full size up from the first one’s I used and am now re-knitting the sock.

I suppose I’m just looking on suggestions on what’s the best use of elastic-content fiber, any explanation on why the row gauge would show so far off when stitch gauge was right on, and any comments on the jitterbug sock pattern.:shrug:


Row gauge can be off with other yarns too and won’t always match with the stitch gauge. Because it’s so variable, those who ask about gauge are advised to match the stitch gauge and measure for length. Just add more length until you get the inches you need.