Knitting with dpns

I’m working on a hat. This is the first one I’ve knit, as well as first time I’ve used circular needles. I haven’t had a problem knitting in the round, however, I’ve gotten to the point in the directions where I’m decreasing. The pattern tells me to change to double pointed needles when there are too few stitches to fit onto the circular needles. Will I expect to use two, or maybe three? And wouldn’t there be a problem with them sliding off the open end of the needle? I’m a little nervous to switch to them now that I’ve gotten the hang of the circulars. My hat looks great up until this point and I don’t want to ruin it. Any tips would be helpful. Thanks

Usually you have 3 needles with stitches on them, and one that you use to knit.

Basically you knit the stitches from one needle to your empty one, then that one becomes empty and you use it for the next. Amy has video, which I’m sure will be more helpful.

The stitches won’t fall off the back end because there aren’t enough. They could, if you let them slide around, but it’s usually not a problem.

Using dpns at the top of a hat is the best way to learn them.

You could continue with magic loop or using two circs, if you want to learn those techniques.

Or you have 4 needles with stitches on them and knit with the 5th, which is how I prefer to work.

I find that having four needles with stitches and working with the fifth one has too many needles fumbling around with, but each person tends to have a little bit of different technique that works the best for them.
I think the most important thing to do is TRY all kinds of different things, and see what works best and what you like the best. I developed some biases really early (magic loop over dpns, metal over bamboo, English over continental etc.) and have found that some, though not all, of my early biases have been really turned around once I gave different methods a real fair chance. So just get some dpns and see what works best for you! They’re all good techniques to learn :smiley:

Have fun, and good luck!!!

I just really prefer having 4 needles with stitches on them and working with the 5th. I really don’t like magic loop, because who really wants to manipulate the join on a circular needle like that? They get enough wear and tear from me as it is, why speed up the process.

As everyone says, first knit your work on the the needles and use a free one to knit off to. I think as the number of stitches decreases down to a small number, you could probably get away with only using 2 needles for your work and a third to knit with if you find manipulating 4 or 5 needles a bit much.

Another tip - I cast on my stitches onto one needle, and purl a row (I use long tail cast on, so that purl row makes a row of stockinette on the front) and then slip my stitches to the other 3 needles. I find it much easier to transfer the stitches without the needles sliding out of the stitches (which can happen with nickel plated dpn’s on the cast on row)this way.

Thanks for all the helpful posts. I finished the crown of the hat with no problems at all!!