Knitting with dpns is so gratifying

This is my first ever hat and first project with dpns, and I’m quite excited about it. It makes me feel like I’m doing some serious knittin’ :mrgreen: .

I think the yarn looks perty spiffy, though its not nice wool or anything.

Just had to share this happyness :wink:

I am loving that yarn!What is it?The hat looks great too, I miss that great feeling of mastering a new technique I think I need to try something new.

That looks great!

BTW… Flikr allows you to post pictures here. Just try to keep them at 800 pixels or less on the longest side. I think people get more comments and views when photos are posted vs links.

Looks great. Love the yarn. What is it?

Looks great!! There is something so satisfying about knitting on DPN’s…and people are simply amazed by it!!!

Lookin’ good. :thumbsup:

Beautiful job. I really like the yarn too! I will have to try knitting something that isn’t pink one of these days!

It IS SPIFFY! that is a good word!! I love the yarn, too, BTW!
Great photography, too, BTW! Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks for the compliments yall!

The yarn is Caron Simply Soft Shadows =)

Looking good!

Looks great!

Ooh, great job! It looks awesome! I remember my first experience with dpns this past summer - I was so scared but instantly fell in love! Nice work :muah:

:happydance: lookin’ good!!

I just love working on DPN’s…people think your very clever using all those needles at once!

Haha yup! That kinda makes knitting it more fun than wearing it =)


The hat’s lookin’ mighty fine. I’ve yet to try dpns, but I’m itching to begin, and you make it look so easy and exquisite!

Great job, welcome to the world of dpn, I love knitting with them! I love that yarn… thinking I may have to order some…

I think it looks spiffy, too! I’m excited for you! :woot: And I agree with everyone else - the yarn looks really nice. I like the way it’s knitting up.