Knitting with DPN issue - Help?

I have been knitting for a while and whenever I knit in the round with DPNs I have loose stitches at the point where the needles meet. I have tried to pull the last and first stitches on each needle very tight and it still keeps happening. Does anyone have any advice on how to stop this?

Thank you to all those who help out the new knitters. This site taught me to knit and I think it is wonderful to have a place where fellow knitters can help others. Thanks!

One thing you can do is make sure that the first stitch of each needle is a knit stitch. I also try to hold the needles in such a way that my fingers kind of hold each join. Like my little fingers are keeping them together.

They say that trying to tighten the stitches overly much can actually make the problem worse. I don’t make the stitches real tight, but I try to hold the two needles right against each other that I’m moving stitches from and to as I knit the first stitch onto the new spare needle. I agree with what Jan said about having better luck if the first stitch is a knit too.

Yes, a bit of extra tension on the first st of the new needle helps. You can also try moving the point where two needles come together over by one st on a round. This moves the join and prevents obvious ladders. Some of this also evens out when you wash and block the work.