Knitting with crochet thread and thread sizes

I’ve noticed that some lighter weight threads are designated by numbers like (and I’m totally making these up) 8/2 or 10/2. How do these correspond with yarn weights (1= lace, up to 6= super bulky, etc.)

I just got a couple balls of Speed-Cro-Sheen crochet thread on clearance at Hobby Lobby and the label says “size 3” but it doesn’t have that yarn with a box with the number in it logo, which by yarn standards is a DK weight, but this is much lighter weight than that, more like a 1 I’d say.

Anyway, I was thinking of maybe holding the two strands together for a knit hat, possiby even trying Lacecap from Knitty (what am I, crazy?) but I’m not sure what weight the 5/2 corresponds to. This would be for a chemo cap. The others I plan on doing are in colors, but I got this thread because it’s beige and neutral, to have that as “go with everything” option.

With crochet thread, a larger number equals a thinner thread. About the thinnest thread I have seen is 100 or 80; size 3 is the heaviest thread, and is similar to fine sport weight.

From what I could find, Speed Cro Sheen is a size 3 thread, so it may be a teeny bit on the heavy side. I believe a size 5 thread would knit as a fingering weight though.

Either way, can’t hurt to knit up a swatch and give it a go… can’t hurt to try. :slight_smile: