Knitting with Cotton

Besides potholders and dishcloths, what else is good to knit with cotton. Not sweaters. That’s way beyond my ability at this point.

Dishtowels maybe. I would never do a sweater with 100% cotton. It can get heavy and really stretches. IMO stick with a blend for garments.

Those mesh bags you can use for shopping commonly call for cotton. I’m not sure I’d use it for a real purse without a lining because of the stretch factor. These are great for using the same kind of rougher cotton you might use for a dishcloth.

Toys, coffee cozies, Christmas ornaments, baby booties, baby bib, coasters, doll clothes, placemats, bowls, baskets - all are good cotton options.

There are tons of good hat patterns designed for cotton as well. I’d want to use a mercerized cotton for those for softness, though.

Dishtowels. Great idea to go with potholders and dishcloths. Thanks very much. Kathy

Wow that’s a great bunch of ideas. They all make sense if I had thought a bit more. Thanks very much. Kathy

I’m knitting a shawl in cotton. It should be nice for summer evenings. It won’t matter if it stretches, in fact I’d be pleased!