Knitting with colors

I like bright colors, and so, I knitted these pieces. I was learning the stitches, and decided to have fun while learning.

Pretty :slight_smile:

They look great!! I like bright colors too :mrgreen:

:thumbsup: They look great!!

Very nice!

Fun color combinations!


I took these to work, today, (since I work in a craft store) and a friend of mine liked them so much, she called me over the intercom, asked me where my knitting was, and then she got the pieces, and showed her friend, who then said she wanted to learn how to knit like that.
They were really surprised to hear I used “plain old red heart super saver” yarns.


NICE!!! I see your ballband… very pretty.

Very cute!!! Nice job!

Very nice work! :thumbsup:

Wow! You were having a lot of fun weren’t you? Nice.