Knitting with color

I was browsing at the LYS, and I kept picking up and putting down different yarns, in my head saying “do they go together?” I actually ended up not buying anything :shock: partially because i didn’t need anything, but also because I wasn’t sure if the colors I kept picking up/putting down would go together for whatever “thing” i had in my mind to do with them.
SOOOOOOO, I came home, and was looking through some of my knitting books, and I couldn’t find anything about color selection! Then I remembered that I used to have the same problem when I was a quilter (before I learned to knit), and pulled ouot my quilting books. Lo and behold, “Color Magic for Quilters” I remember LOVING the book because it not only talks about color theory and the color wheel and all that artsy stuff (my best friend is an art teacher), but also gives you strategies for picking colors that go together beyond the complementary color rule, and how to use that in the fabric store. I had great success with it, so I am going to try it with my knitting stuff too.
Are there other books anyone uses about color theory for knitters? I am going to have to buy/make a mini color wheel keychain with the harmony combinations on the back so I can take it to the LYS with me. Any ideas on that project???

I’m not sure if this is enough, but Knitty did a nice article on the subject