Knitting with circular needles

I have found my new project of which I am including pictures. It seems to be a mesh stitch for most of the jumper. I am thinking to try knit it on circular needles so I won’t have too much sewing to do at the end. Would I have to disregard the edge stitch in this case? Do you think it will work well with the pattern?
Thank you for all your advice!

Yes, you can eliminate the edge sts if they are just there for seaming. Look at the pattern repeat and make sure that it will continue from back across to front when the edge sts are removed.

There is another consideration. This is a very open, lacy pattern. The seams will help stabilize it and minimize biasing which may result without the side seams.

Beautiful top. What is the name of the pattern?


Thank you for your advice. I think I am going to follow the pattern like you recommend and knit the jumper in 2 pieces front and back.
I looked at my book for you and I found this jumper in the French edition of Lovewool number 12. I am attaching a couple of pictures for you.

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Looks like a great book with each pattern prettier than the last. Thanks for the information and enjoy working on the top.

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So I have knitted the first half of the back of the jumper and I have to start the decreases for the sleeves.
The stitch I have been using so far is :
row1: *knit, yarn over, knit 2 together , *
Row2: *knit, yarn over, knit 2 together, *
With an edge stitch on every line.

Now that I have to decrease every 2 rows, I think I will need to skip the yarn over on the first stitches at the beginning of every row.

The pattern says to start by decreasing 5 stitches to start with, and on both sides of the jumper. I am getting a bit confused trying to work this out. Thank you for your help!!


Wow, that looks terrific.
Sometimes it helps to write out the row (or chart it out if you prefer) and mark off the sts that will be decreased. Instead of working in pattern across the decrease of 5sts, work them as individual sts, that is knit the knits, yarn overs and k2tog from the previous row as plain old knit sts. Just be sure that when you finish the bind off, you pick up in pattern so that the columns of sts stay aligned.

When you get to the single decreases, yes, you can eliminate the yarn over. Make sure that the columns of sts align on the decrease row and on the following row.
It may help to put stitch markers 10sts from the ends of the row. Then you can make sure that you’ve decreased a stitch at each end without having to count across the entire row. It helps to think of the yo/k2tog as a pair to ensure that your stitch count decreases.

Put in a lifeline just in case you need to rip back. It’ll save time in the end.

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Thank you for your help and advice, much appreciated!

I have finally finished working the net stitch on the front and back of my jumper but I think I have made a mistake…
I left all my stitches on the back of my jumper on a needle instead of binding them off (some of these stitches will the the shoulders of the jumper). Sadly there is not much yarn left.
Then, I believe I made the following mistake…
When finishing the front of the jumper, I got so excited that I casted off the 10 remaining stitches on each side of the shoulders and cut off the yarn. I now realize the proper way would have probably been to leave 2 balls attached on either side.
How can I work from there? Having all the stitches on the back of the jumper makes it quite confusing for sewing…
The final work is to work on the round neckline and around the shoulders.
I would really appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you!!!

It looks beautiful and nothing irretrievable as far as the shoulders go.
For the shoulders you can do one of two things. You can bind off the same number of sts at each side of the back as you bound off for the front shoulders (10sts). That will leave you with just the center sts on the back on hold. You can then seam the front and back shoulders together.
Alternatively if you think you can, undo the front shoulder bind off. You can tink back as you pull out the sts. Tink somewhat like this video but you’ll be taking out the sts from the cast off rather than another needle.

Then use 3 needle bind off to join the shoulders and bind off at the same time. You can just knit from both front and back needle.

That leaves you with the center back neck on hold and maybe that’ll work with the neckband instructions.

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Thank you so very much for your advice. I will bind off 10 on each side as you suggested :+1: Have a lovely day and thanks again!

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I have just finished the seam on one side and on the shoulders. Does the side seam look neat enough?
Thank you!

That looks quite good and will be sturdy enough to stabilize the shoulder. You have such beautiful stitch work on this top.

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Thank you so very much for your feedback :+1: now off to the other side