Knitting with cable needles

Hi, I am wondering, do some people knit exclusively with cable needles rather than using regular needles for projects that don’t require cable needles? I tried this earlier when I had to unravel a row and find the smaller needle easier to handle.

You mean circulars I think, cable needles are short, sometimes curved ones that hold the sts while you make cables.

You knit flat with circs the same way you do with straight needes - turn it at the end of the row. Many of us don’t use straight needles at all any more, preferring the circs.

I never use straight needles anymore. I think it’s probably been 4 yrs since I’ve used them for anything. I much prefer my circular needles.

yes I do mean circular needles. Thank you. I am finding I seem to prefer them.

yes, thank you I do mean circular needles

I’m another one who uses circulars for everything. I like that I’m not having to hunt for a needle in the sofa.

I also use circular needles for everything. It is much easier on the wrists. Knitting in public with them is funny because most non-knitters have never seen them before and are very confused, lol.

I do use straight needles when I’m teaching people to knit, though. It is kind of like a weeding out process-- if you’re serious enough about it to use the straights and the crappy yarn for a while, THEN I’ll introduce you to the good stuff! :teehee:

I use both. If I’m doing a skinny scarf or a dishcloth or some other narrow or small project, I’ll grab my straight needles so I don’t tie up my circs. And sometimes if I’m casting on less than 100 stitches, I’ll grab a straight needle for that, too.

But for big projects, I definitely prefer the circulars. And when I say a big project, I mean something with 100+ stitches.

I don’t have many straight needles aside from dpns, but I don’t mind the 10" ones for small projects, but the 14"ers I don’t ever use–strongly dislike those, unwieldy.

I use circular needles for all my knitting. They are much easier on the wrists and hands because, as the knitting grows, the weight of it all rests in your lap, suspended from the ‘cable’ part of the circular needle. Whereas with ‘straight’ traditional needles, the work is always on the needles, and your wrists/hands are compelled to carry this weight.

I also like circular needles because I never lose the empty needle! Ha!

Lost most of my straight needles in the last move I made. however, I generally teach people using straight needles. then when they get comfortable, recommend that they move to circular.

I t so nice to see a man knitting. I told my husband how relaxing it is and encouraged him to take it up but unfortunately he has no interest

I find it to be an enjoyable hobby, something that has very little to do with computers, and a good stress reliever.