Knitting with Bernat baby jacquard yard HELP

Started a sweater that zips from back front. Have finished body and now am ready to do sleeves. The pattern will not match up is there a secret?

Can you only do one piece sweaters, hats and scraves or socks with this yarn.

Please help


I just finished the Overall Dress last night and wound up with a similar problem. After looking at the front of the pattern book, I see that Bernat also had a random color pattern. Check Ravelry to see Rita’s dress which looks adorable. Just enjoy your beautiful handiwork.

I think the yarn is suited best for top down, one piece or in the round items for that reason. I am working on a top down raglan and it is working nicely. I am going to do the dress next and had already planned to do the body in one piece.

I don’t think there is anyway to avoid that when the item is knit in pieces and seamed. Even if you make note of where on the yarn you started it isn’t going to match up because for the back pieces will be a different width than the front so while the back pieces will match up the front and back seams will not. Although the back pieces matching will look better than not.

So, if you were making two identicl back pieces you would start each piece at the same place in the yarn. I [U]think[/U] that because the yarn is machine dyed not hand dyed you should have the same amount of yarn in each pattern. So for example, I am currently knitting with “Easter Basket”, if I wanted my pieces to match I would chose one of the colors, purple for example, and make sure that I started each piece at the same place in purple.

Does that make sense?

thank you all for your help I will now start a top down one piece sweater, then when I have time will rip out this one, or try to match a color or use white for sleeves and hood.

Ginny, I was thinking of what you said, but then decided there was too much piecing together to get it to match.

Thanks again to all of you

When i did the dress , I did unravel the yarn to the point where i could start at the same as i had for the back piece. I was quite happy that the dress body matched up but i left the shoulder pieces to do its own thing and i quite liked how that came out :slight_smile:

you will get larger stripes on the sleeves because you are working on fewer stitches and the yarn will cover more area - enjoy the look of your project!

hi again
What I decided to do is to make the sleeves and hood white.
Think that will work out will let you know when done

Sounds lovely ! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget too, that you need extra yarn when you’re making your patterns match.

Like for a regular sweater I’d go with 2 balls, then start them the same place and alternate each skein on the rows so that the thickness of the pattern in the yarn matched up.

I’m thinking of frogging the “forever sweater” (aka “bernat baby jaquards kimono”) simply because I’m bored with it and while cute, I don’t know a baby that it’d fit. what i’m thinking of doing is making their baby hoodie (the one that zips up the front) and using a solid color for the front and back, then the jaquards for the sleaves… but we’ll see… I have the “lemon pie” colorway and love it :slight_smile: