Knitting with angora on first jumper: elasticity question et al

Hi all

I am test-knitting a jumper.

This is my first jumper/upper-body garment and my first big project. (I am confident it’s within my skill range) The wool I bought (woohoo LWS sale!!) is Cleckheaton Angora Supreme, label gauge 19 sp 4in/10cm. 70% lambswool, 30 % angora. I previously started some socks for my pop in this same stuff and found that the ribbing did not pull in AT ALL on 2 different needle sizes. I understand that angora does this, it’s not very elastic (Apparently not only does it lack elasticity, but it negates any existing elasticity in the other 70% wool, which I would have thought would give it [I]some [/I]elasticity).

Has anybody worked with angora blends? What do I need to consider for this jumper? I know what drape is only in the sense that it means the fabric is floppy as opposed to the stiffness you get when working on too-small needles, but I don’t have an intuitive feel for it, as I haven’t done garments before where it is a big consideration.

The original in the picture above was done on wool with a label gauge of 16 stitches per 4 inches, knitted to 18 sp4in. My stuff is labeled 19 sp4in, I have got gauge at the specified 18 and am happy with the fabric. I have washed and blocked my swatch and hung it with a slight weight, and it’s perfect at 18sp4in.
The things I think will be important as far as the angora content goes are that perfect gauge is really important because it won’t be forgiving like wool which can be a bit too tight or loose with no problem due to the elasticity. And that it will shed like a *****.

Do I need to be very fussy in terms of modifying the waist measurements etc. as well? (I’m about 39.5 inches bust measurement, but medium/healthy weight range with DD boobage, rather than more proportionate overall but higher end of healthy weight range) Should I knit to a [I]slightly[/I] smaller gauge and block it a touch bigger where I need it? I think I would like it to fit a touch closer at the waist and maybe hips.
And is the angora going to affect the lace part, or is it fine for lace?

Also, the jumper above appears to be done and worn by someone who is less booby. Do you think I should make some mods to have it fit better? I’m just wondering whether, with the big chest measurement (combined with non-elastic fibre) it is going to fit me at the boobs but hang baggily straight down from there with no waist fit etc. I don’t have a big waist/hips but I’m worried that the pattern that fits my bust size might be written for people who are bigger in general rather than bigger proportionately at the bust. If anyone needs to see the pattern I will check with the designer but think she’d be happy for me to share it with you for discussion purposes.

I will really appreciate ANY thoughts at all on this as I want it to turn out beautifully. Even if you consider yourself a beginner but think of something that might potentially be relevant. Thanks


Bigger bust will tend to mean bigger measurements down the torso. Since you sound like you have contact with the designer perhaps ask their opinion? I really have little experience to offer this but I do know people who’ve made drapey type tops like that and you’ve been unhappy down the track with the yarn on that element has become loose and that drape winds up looking daggy. However, you say your yarn isn’t elastic as such so it should be fine and I think fine yarns could enhance that part of the item.