Knitting with a playful kitty around

Who has knit with a cat in the house? I am looking after my daughter’s cat while she is away and guess what she wants to do? She enjoys pouncing on the yarn and chewing the cable of the circular needles. If I am not watching she is trying to chew the yarn. She is just too cute. Likely the most lovable cat. Usually she will stop if I gently pull her interest away and hide the yarn under a blanket but she waits ever so patiently in case I pull too much back out.

Sounds like an adorable cat who is engaged in what is going on and wants to play or possibly to learn to knit. Putting the yarn under something is a good idea or maybe in a container with an opening in the top. You’ll also have to put your knitting away in a safe place rather than just put it down when finished, maybe in a plastic box with a tight-fitting lid.

Aww cute! Maybe find a kitty toy and toss it for her to chase. Or play with her for awhile before you knit so she is more tired and feeling well loved. If she persists you may havetogo into another room and close the door. Don’t ever let her have any yarn ever.

the cat will paw so hard at the door to get in. She actually makes more noise than our Husky. If he wants in a room he just taps the door and whines. She hits at it and meows steady even attempting to crawl under the door. When we open the door she then will just purr loudly while rubbing her head against us and licking us. She is such a socialable creature. I will miss her when my daughter returns

Thankfully, my Yodel kitty is too old to be this much of a “nuisance” regarding my yarn. She’s still QUITE affectionate, though, and requires plenty of lap time [B][U]every . . . . single . . . . day!!![/U][/B]

She does have one annoying habit: If I happen to set my knitting or crocheting down in the floor, she thinks: “Oh, goodie! Mama made me a new bed” and she promptly lays down on it. I don’t know what it is about these projects that she likes–probably something about it being soft and smelling like me, but personally, I’m not partial to wearing cat fur!

You might try some catnip on this cat. If she likes it, she’ll probably go berserk for a bit and then take a nap immediately afterwards. Meanwhile, have fun!

You can make her a small ball to play with out of scraps of yarn. I used size 5 circular or double point needles. I cast on 20, increased in every stitch every other row, then decreased for a while. Stop when you get near the end and stuff it, then continue on. Sorry I can’t give you a specific pattern, as I rarely use one but make stuff up off the top of my head.

Another thing is to knit a small tube. Get an empty medicine bottle with a childproof cap. Put jingle bells inside and close it up. Insert the bottle into the knitted tube and sew up the ends. This is a dandy cat toy.

One of my kitties is a bit disruptive when I have yarn around. She’ll try to chew on it as I pull it from the skein. I try to shoo her away though, especially considering her habit of eating elastic hair ties!

My other kitty doesn’t really have much of an interest, although he will occasionally paw at the yarn. He prefers to chew on plastic instead.

the plastic could be worrisome. It is extremely difficult to remove if stuck in the throat.

He doesn’t eat it, just likes to chew. But thanks for the concern.