Knitting With a 4-year Old

I just wanted to share with y’all a great experience I had yesterday. While waiting at the car dealership service area, there was a little 4-year old sweet little girl watching intently so we talked and I knew she was bored stiff, so I showed her my book on dog sweaters with all the little dog photos, etc.

She was very interested, so I showed her how you knit and purl, her grandmother was interested too, along with a couple of other ladies who said I was the entertainment. :slight_smile:

Of course little Courtney couldn’t do it, I let her try my crochet needle too. I told her grandmother to encourage the interest and look for stuff for kids on knitting or crochet.

It was very special and I just wanted to share that.


Thanks for sharing, that’s so sweet! :heart:

My 3 1/2 year old son keeps asking to knit! How young do you think a child could actually learn?

I’m betting a 4 year old could knit better than I do. :pout:

Wow! :teehee: How sweet! :hug:

In fact, I think you knit very well as a beginner Mason! :thumbsup: (and better than a newbie like me :pout: )
When I saw your scarf I thought, wow, you really picked up knitting incredibly fast :shock: I can already see how much you’ve improved! :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to see your finished scarf, way to go! :cheering:

Thanks Aquaria, I wish that was true. I’m all thumbs.

I’ve been teaching my kids.

My daughter is five. She sits on my lap holds the left needle by herself, and the right needle. Right now I throw for her.

I figure she needs to get the pattern and motion down.

My son is seven and I’ve almost got him doing this right. He’s got it all down until he has to pull the new stitch back through the “window or door” whichever it is… so when “off jumps Jack” the new stitch falls out. Essentially he goes through all the motions and ends up slipping the stitch.

I was using regular sized needles with them, but ended up purchasing them small plastic needles. These work really well and the kids are happy with them.

I do about 5 mins a day and we stop the second they or I get frustrated.

It took about 5 days for my son to get to the point where he is.

As Hank Hill said on King of the Hill, “Bobby’s 12, he hasn’t been too young for a gun for five years.”

That should give you some context :slight_smile: (I say let him give it a shot)

My mother taught me to knit when I was 5 years old. I don’t think anyone actually wore the scarves I made, but hey I was knitting.

One day while my grandson was over for a sleepover he wanted to learn to knit. So I said why not. In minutes he had the long tail cast on down pat!!! I could’t believe it. He still has trouble with the rest of the knitting but he is the type that just won’t give up. He is Seven and loves the needles that I made for him. He wants some knitting for his birthday. So let me tell ya I am so proud of him and yes he is getting his own yarn and new needles.
I think when they ask to try go for it. They may not knit for any length of time but it helps every time they pick up thoses needles.


My daughter, who just turned 5, makes miles and miles of “finger knitting”. She loves doing her “knitting” while I knit.

Officially we were taught in school when I was 7 or 8 but my granny and mum had already taught me between them, probably a year or so before that. I never did get the hang of crochet though, the tension was beyond me and everything came out warped…