Knitting with 3 yarns

I knitted approx 25 stitches when i realized i dropped 1 yarn and was knitting with only 2. I know i have to undo the stitches back to where i dropped the 1… okay, i place my left needle into the last stitch to get back to where i dropped the yarn but how do i do that? :thinking:

When you look at the stitch on your right needle that needs to come off, put your left needle into the hole of the stitch beneath it. Slide the stitch off of the right needle and gently pull the loop out. Rinse and repeat. :wink:

Ingrid, Thanks for the quick response :thumbsup:

Is there a video available on KH regarding this?

Yes, in the Basic Techniques under fixing mistakes. :wink:

There isn’t a video for unknitting (tinking) along one row. :frowning: However, I’ll try to explain the best I can.

Hold your work as you would if you were continuing to knit the row. Take your left needle and insert it into the first stitch on the right needle, however go into the second stitch down (not the loop on the needle, the stitch just below that). Insert from front to back. Slip the loop off the right needle and gently pull it out of the stitch which is now on your left needle. Continue along back to where you first made the mistake. :slight_smile:

Silver, I looked at every video under “correcting mistakes” and could not find anything there. I was going to post again stating there was not but thought maybe i was missing it… anyway, thank you for making me feel better about not finding one…

Perhaps Amy could add this to her videos :happydance:

Thank you for replying :thumbsup:

I apologize for misleading you. I just assumed that there would be one under correcting mistakes. I never actually looked at those myself. :oops:

Ingrid, thats okay. I watched every video in the mistakes. Then i thought am i missing something? :rollseyes: