Knitting with 2 different yarns

I am a new knitter and want to knit a scarf with two different size/weight yarns. Does anyone have any tips for me??
Thanks so much!

Is it just stripes or what? How much different are the weights?

Is it knitted with both strands together, or alternating?

It’s quite simple, you just act like you have one yarn. Make sure it doesn’t get tangles as you pull it. It’s fun and you can be very c reative. Good luck. Judy

I am making a cabled hoodie with two strands of yarn. I took each ball of yarn and put them in a Ziploc bag separately of course and cut a hole in the side to pull the yarn out. I never get tangled and the sweater back is coming along nicely.

I am not sure of the weights because the yarns have no sleeves.

I am just going to use the two strands together and knit away! Thanks for the help though. I will take some pictures and post when it begins to look like something. Thanks to all again!!

The only concern I’d have is whether or not one of the yarns might bleed when washed. You might test the strands separately to see if this could be a problem. (Unless they are both synthetic or synthetic blends, in which case you shouldn’t need to worry about it.)