Knitting with 2 balls of yarn


Hi, I’m knitting a cowl neck poncho and have come to a bit that says use a separate ball of yarn and cast on 76 stitches, leaving these on a spare needle. Then it says purl my original 26 stitches, then purl the 76 stitches on spare needle - 102 stitches. Does this mean you join both rows together and if so how do you do it with the 2 separate balls of yarn?



Very pretty poncho!
From the directions you’ve given, you only need to use the second ball of yarn for the cast on. Once you pick up the original yarn strand and purl across the 26sts then across the newly cast on 76sts you don’t have to use the second strand at all.

Just to be sure, read ahead and check that there are no further instructions involving that second ball of yarn.

It makes sense now!!
Thank you for your help. I will keep an eye out further down the pattern for the other ball of yarn’s use. :slight_smile:

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