Knitting while watching tv or listening to music

I live in New Orleans and am a 28 yr. old african american southern girl.
I have been knitting here and living here since as least 7. I love to knit and watch tv or listen to music. I ike to knit while riding in a car because I don’t
I just started using knitting charts for bears, butterflies, elephants etc. My method takes a while but it looks good. I switch needles postions in my hands after each row so it takes longer and the pictures are bigger. I listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of tv while knitting. I sell my stuff to family and friends. I used to knit and show my pieces while living in Durham and Chicago after Hurricane Katrina. I even was knitting in the car while evacuating from the day before Katrina hit New Orleans. It helps my mood and is calming.

Hi, like you I knit all the time if sitting, and not driving or eating :teehee: I knit through Hurricane Ike and it kept me sane (plus I got a hat and pair of socks out of it :woot: ). Welcome to our world!

Last night I stayed up late watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Martin, and The Cosby Show and knitted my first baby chucks in blue cotton and white cotton Bernat Handicrafter yarn it came out very nicely. I will knit the second one is a little while. I am listening to the radio while I knit until the Young and the Restless comes on in an hour.

I try not to watch TV during the day, but I find myself purposely working very hard around the house or outside just so I can enjoy some guilt-free knitting while watching TV or knitting podcasts later in the day :wink:

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