Knitting While Traveling Question

Does anyone know if we are able to take Knitting on a plane?? I was planning on knitting on the plane while on our way to Africa since it’s such a long flight. My husband brought up the fact that they may not allow the knitting needles on board with all the security issues. :crying: Please let me know if you’ve heard anything about this.

Lots of people on this site have mentioned knitting on planes. They have become less strict over the last few years that more things are allowed now than were following 9/11. Your best bet would be to check with your airline. The thing I’d worry about more is scissors.

I have not heard of any trouble with knitting on planes for US departures. Other countries have varying regulations, so check with your airline or better yet the airport(s) you will be flying out of in Africa about their policies. It is very possibly that you will be able to knit on the plane there without a problem but not on the way back.

I posted a couple links in your blog. :wink:

This might help. It’s the official TSA guidlines site.

and possibly this:

Scroll about halfway down the page for specifics to knitting. HTH

Yeah, it definitely depends more on the airport than the airline. But I’ve never had a problem with it - I usually stick with circulars and then I choose my Denises over my Addis.

I flew on Thursday- not a problem. Some odd looks, but no problems. I haven’t had trouble bringing my knitting on a plane in about 2-3 years. There is a brochure on the TSA website specifying what can and cannot be in carryon luggage, and there is a specific listing for knitting needles-- and it says they can be on both carryon and checked luggage. Also, scissors with blunt noses up to 3" I think are allowed. I picked up a set of kids safety scissors that specifically stated they can cut yarn (they have a good edge, just blunt nosed) and I’ve been carrying them without a problem.
I’ve flown through Orlando, Charlotte, Roanoke, Hartford and San Francisco and never had issues with security yet. So bring your socks along and unlike all the eletronic gadgets, you can knit during takeoff and landing, so all the people who are bored without their gadgets give you grumpy looks :slight_smile:

I had a friend fly from Boston to London, and brought her knitting without a problem. On the way home, she flew a different airline, and wasn’t allowed to bring her knitting, and had to stick it with her checked luggage.

Since you are going all the way to Africa, you might want to check out the regulations of the different airlines you will be flying. Some of the non US airlines might have different rules.

I travel around the country almost every week for work and I bring my knitting with me on every flight without a problem. I will say that my scissors have been the cause of my bag being searched several times, but they are under the allowed length (3" from base to tip) so I’ve never had to turn them over.

My carry-ons have included everything from size 1 bamboo DPNs to 14" Susan Bates metal needles. I always carry a small pouch with all of my metal darning needles, cable needles and metal stitch holders - never confiscated or even questioned.

As others have commented, I have flown to and from only US airports recently, so international policies may be different. I suggest you take a couple of projects with different needles (maybe one set metal, another set plastic/bamboo). If there is an issue, bring a padded self-addressed stamped envelope with you just in case you have to ship something back to your home or to a friend. There is a good article on Knitty about this.

A trip to Africa sounds GREAT! You’re smart to think ahead about turning the flight into uninterrupted knitting time. :thumbsup: You will likely stir up some interest too, and maybe even find a fellow passenger who wants to learn. :smiley:

If you are worried about scissors being confiscated, get a yarn cutter. Clover makes one, and I got a less expensive one at JoAnn’s. The JoAnn’s one comes with a lanyard to hang it around your neck. I use it at home instead of scissors which tend to fall down the sofa cushions! Have a safe journey! sammmmmmm

Thanks for the heads up about flying back home. We are headed out of the country in a few months, and I will definitely check British Airways policies. I would go crazy with idle hands. I would keep thinking about how much I could have gotten done.

British Airways apparently do not allow you to take knitting on board. Something about it bothering other passengers :rollseyes: I mean not like we’d be smoking stinky cigars or anything just pulling some loops through loops /sigh Due to that rule by BA I am boycotting them for our business flights - anyone I book a flight for goes with another carrier =D