Knitting while surfing

Does anyone else knit while reading and posting on this forum?:knitting: I find it a lot of fun, almost like knitting in a room with friends. I do find myself having to recount stitches sometimes in order to stay in pattern.

I do it all the time, Ive dropped a few stitches here and there, but that’s the price of multi tasking

I can’t surf and knit at the same time, hence the UFO’s. How do you do it?

I need my hands for mousing and typing too much to knit.

Nope, i never knit and surf…crap I dropped a stitch, brb

I hear ya friend(s)…

I think that’s the main reason why I have so many things OTN at a time…

Complicated items for “free time”, simple garter stitch items for surfing, TV-watching, etc.

Definitely don’t watch a foreign language film with subtitles or silent film while knitting! Impossible to keep up with knitting OR the film!:mrgreen:

I do that, I even have my onboard TV on the computer on while I knit.

It’s great to surf and knit…especially when you are having a problem with something you’re working on and someone is in the chat forum that can help and talk you through it!:happydance:

I’m definitely not a knit and surfer, I’m just not that good yet I guess! I can’t read and knit yet either.

Um, yeah…I’m guilty.:oo: It has been the reasoning behind a lot of frogging and also the reason why I am so slow to respond to people…I just let them go on believing that I am a slow typist:whistle:

I saw the subject line and my first thought was “Knitting while surfing? Doesn’t the yarn get wet??” :teehee:

No, I don’t knit and surf the net at the same time. I prefer to keep them separate. :wink:

I thought you ment knitting while SURFING (as in on the ocean):passedout:

yup, I can manage to knit while watching tv, surfing and helping my sister with her homework… whoo for multitasking! such a useful skill

I can knit while surfing…I am actually doing it right now. Good to know that I’m not the only one I knit while ont he phone watching tv and listening to music…I wonder if you can knit while reading!

I manage, but they’re online stories. might have a little trouble balancing the book otherwise…

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: Glad it’s not just me then :lol:


That’s why I don’t have half as many posts on here as I would do otherwise.

Well now that I have my computer the answer is definitely yes. To keep dropping at a minimum I have several different projects going with varying degrees of concentration needed. For surfing and reading I have silver’s scarf going. It has a great rhythm to it that really works itself. For talking and and things like that I have a Christmas sock on the needles and my pigeldy is going too. For times I can actually think I have counting projects like the fiber trend clogs going or not going as it seems right now. For me anything with a chart or "go this way x amount of stitches then wrap and turn has to really receive my concentration.

Nice to know I’m not alone in this. I used to knit and watch tv, but I’m finding less to watch and have to admit I’m finding more to do on the internet, including playing games. I was at a game web site yesterday and someone in the chat mentioned working the mouse with her foot so she had both hands free to knit. My kind of gal.

I knit and surf at home because of I have dial-up there and everything is so darn S–L--O–W--! :pout:

GinnyG: :teehee: I thought the samething too at first. Hey, does wool felt in saltwater???:slight_smile: