Knitting while getting your hair done?

Has anyone done this? I am getting highlights so I have a good hour to kill… but I wondering if it will be a PITA for my hairdresser and more hassle than knitting time. I can’t imagine it would be, but just checking :thumbsup:

I wouldn’t knit while the stylist was fiddling with my hair. During processing time, maybe, but time is money for your stylist and if the knitting gets in his/her way, that’s not really fair.

I had my hair permed a couple months ago. The stylist is FABULOUS, she’s a dear friend, and we got talking, one thing lead to another and she rinsed my hair before she put the neutralizer on. I had to go back two days later for a second “mini perm”. So that’s a small cautionary tale for you–it’s always best to keep an eye on what is going on when you’re in the big chair.

I agree… may not be smart to do it while the color’s being put in. Plus, I wouldn’t want to risk having a little splash of dye land on my knitting! :shock:

Maybe a good knitting mag or book? :slight_smile:

AaaaaHHhhHh! Good point! Darn… I almost had a good hour of solid knitting time :doh:

yeah i don’t think i could either. i think somehow it would all get futzed up…that seems like such a perfect time to…alas… :wink:

I TOTALLY knit while Im in the chair!! The only time I stopped was when it got in the way…when she was standing directly in front of me doing the top/front of my head & bangs. It was no problem.

And, the dye is usually pretty PASTY, right? It doesnt splash.

Another positive result of KIS (Knitting in Salon) is that LOTS of folks come up to ask questions…you turn into a KNITTING AMBASSADOR! :mrgreen:

PS…Hildie and I got “knit-icures” on Saturday, too!

I don’t think I would knit while she was cutting, or applying color to my hair. I would definately knit while waiting for the processing or waiting for my turn.

I did bring my knitting with me to Jiffy Lube while getting my oil changed. I was amazed at how curious the mecanics were!

I once had a big blob of that paste land on my arm while getting one of my bleached streaks done. I was wearing a cotton, long sleeve, black shirt and it bleached a spot the size of a small lime in my shirt!!! I didn’t know what to say since i liked my cute little hair guy but i was not happy. He was mortified and ran to the back, mixed up a batch of black hair dye, applied it to my sleeve and - hey presto - black sleeve again! (i guess it dyes all natural fibers indiscriminately - including knitting!)

Since then, i never take my arms out from under the drape. S’not worth it to me. :slight_smile:


I knit in the chair all the time too (except for my bad hair day fiasco)… ESPECIALLY since I generally have hair EXPERIENCES instead of jus thair cuts: three hours is a long time to sit there idle!

How’s about instead of knitting in the chair, you could knit while waiting for the Dr.? Heck, at least you’d get something more to cover yourself with! :oops:

I may as well take it then! Heck my yarn is blue and I am going to get blue in my hair anyway… it would at least match :thumbsup:

oooooooooh there’s a new concept…getting your hair dyed to match your knitting…you can start a trend!! :wink: