Knitting/weaving a baby muslin cloth/square?

Hello all! Does anyone know how to go about making a muslin cloth/square for a baby? I have a knitting machine which means I can use the weave setting for this. I am just completely unsure of what weight of yarn to use, or if there is a specific type required for this? I am aware that this is something which isn’t usually made by most so I am not expecting loads of responses, but thought it was worth a shot!

Thank you :slight_smile:

You might have better luck with this particular question by posting on one if the Ravelry groups that are machine knit specific:

You’ll see a list of several groups. If you aren’t already a member on Ravelry you will need to create an account but it’s free.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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From what I found when Google’ing, muslin cloth is generally woven using light to medium weight cotton. When I searched the Machine Knitting group on Ravelry for “burp cloth”, I got several hits:

You can also try searching patterns on Ravelry for “burp cloth” and see what yarns people used.

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Thank you both very much, I really appreciate it!