Knitting w/ markers - knit right through them?

The pattern suggests that I use markers, and I’m using tiny elastics, but what is “slipping” the marker? because later on it says to remove them, so I figure “slipping” them, can’t really be removing them…

Thumb Gusset: Row 1 (RS) K12 (14, 17, 20); ([COLOR=“Magenta”]pm[/COLOR]); M1, k1, M1; [COLOR=“magenta”]pm[/COLOR]; k12 (14, 17, 20).

Row 2 and all WS rows P across.

Row 3 K to marker, slip marker, M1, k to last st before 2nd marker, M1, slip marker, k to end.

Row 3 tells you you need to slip the markers. To do that you simply move the marker (usually a little loop like a rubber band, or loop of yarn you made for the purpose, or purchased markers) from the left needle when you come to it, over to the the right hand needle. You will be slipping the markers on row 2 as well, but it doesn’t mention it (as you come to each marker, just move it from the left to right needles). The reason it mentions it in row 3 is to help you with where you want to do your M1s each time. Is is not a different thing at all than what you will do with the markers in row 2.

Later you just take the markers out as you come to them. That is removing the markers.

I’m not sure what you are using for markers, as you said “tiny elastics”. Maybe that means what I call rubber bands. I have used rubber bands, but they can be frustrating at times because they don’t want to slide along the needle as readily as, say a loop of yarn would. They will work though. It just needs to be something that will go over the needle, and ride between stitches.

thanks a lot. yeah it confused me that they didn’t mention it in the 2nd row, but then the 3rd. That cleared up everything. Thanks!!

and yes, tiny elastics are tiny “rubber bands” :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad that helped. Would you be one of our UK knitters? I think they call rubber bands “elastics”. Probably others do as well. :slight_smile:

I use little elastics too, but they are the ones that you use for your hair. They are coated to they slip well and what I love is they are cheap, ready made and stretch and that helps me slip them…
I have to say to that I love this about knitting, so many choices…

oddly enough, I’m canadian. I think we call them elastics too, or atleast that’s what I’ve been accustomed too :stuck_out_tongue:

slip it to other needle…keeping your place marked

Yep… a former boss of mine is Canadian and that’s what she called them. As well as a few other words you guys got from the British…