Knitting w/ 2 Circs vs DPNs

Is there any real advantage to knitting with two circular needles instead of DPNs? It seems kind of inefficient to me, but a pattern that I want to try requests that two circular needles be used.

Thank you!

I LOVE knitting with two circs. I’ve knit with dpns, had no problem with them, but when I saw a co-worker knitting a sock on 2 circs, I was overjoyed! Its just so much easier, for me, anyway.

But then again (this is an edit) can’t you knit ANY sock pattern on two circs?
Isn’t that the point of using it?

I think the whole thing is just personal preference. I don’t care what I knit with, so long as I’m knitting. :thumbsup:

Ingrid, are you aware of any FREE 2-circ sock patterns?

No, I’m afraid I’m not a sock knitter. My co-worker is. I use 2 circs for sleeve bottoms. I will ask her, though. :smiley:

Come to think of it, can’t you do any sock pattern on two circs instead of dpn? I don’t do socks, but I was always under the impression that it was a fairly easy transition. I know it was for sleeves.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll just use DPNs for now. Perhaps I’ll be bold enough to learn how to knit with 2 circs soon.

Tessa, when I was first learning about circular knitting, I would read about knitting on 2 circs and it sounded scary to me…lol…but then my mom assured me it was really simple, and I watched Amy’s video. It is sooo easy! I love it! I never even learned how to knit on DPNs and now I don’t feel like I have to. Two-circ knitting gets my enthusiastic :thumbsup: