Knitting virus

I think I have caught what I will call a knitting virus. Everything I touch lately gets screwed up … stitches are randomly disappearing, some are randomly appearing, my guage is getting screwed up …
I’m so frustrated. What the heck is going on here?!?! I’m ready to throw everything away and stop for a few weeks and see if it all goes away!!

Seriously, I think I’m just anxious becuase I took a job teaching knitting … which I can do quite well actually - well, except for the last week. What I didn’t figure on is that I would be teaching seaming … something I have yet to do, until I had to for this class. They didn’t tell me that it was coming. I think I’m just anxious about it. I still have a month to figure the most anxiety-provoking part.

::sigh:: I guess I just needed to vent … and a moment to walk away from what I’m trying to work on right now!

Thanks for listening.

:::BIG HUG:::

It gets better Momma! :slight_smile:

Don’t stress, MommaBear! Here’s another ::BIG HUG::

I have days like that too. This week, actually, was like that for me too! I tried making my own pattern for a felted cat bed and it turned out looking like a melted vinyl record. I’m working on my own baby sweater pattern, and I got nearly half way through and realized my guage was way off and I had to frog it yesterday. :frog:

I too am a bit stressed out about seaming. There’s a reason there’s no videos yet on this site about seaming! Or blocking! I have to do more research before shooting these videos; I know how I do it, but I’m not confident that my way is the way I’d recommend to others. I need to do more research

I do know, however, that most basic knitting books just use the mattress stitch for seaming. You could just use that, and you’d be good to go!

Way to go on teaching a class! :thumbsup: Relax. You don’t have to know everything. If someone asks you something you don’t know, just say you don’t know it! Send them to this site, or, if it’s a really obscure question, refer them to “The Principles of Knitting” book, which covers just about everything out there, in incredible detail. (They’ll have to get it from the library, unless they want to spend a couple hundred bucks on a used copy. It’s out of print and in high demand!)

Have fun teaching!

aaaahhh-CHOOO! :doh:


Well, it’s nice to know I’m not hte only one who struggles with it! LOL! I tried a mattress stitcha dn it looked icky. I think I need to do an edge to edge on it, and although it doesn’t look precise, IMO, it looks better than anything else. I swear the problem is what I’m knitting and not my seaming abilities! ROFL!!! It sure sounds plausable doesn’t it? hehehe

Thanks! I gave my first class this website. The class is only 2-2 hour sessions. Not nearly enough time to get “comfortable” with everyhing I don’t think … so maybe they’ll show up here! On the plus side, the head of education told me that they’ve never had this sort of roll-over rate from the knitting I to the knitting II class before (which knitting II will start in April). Hearing that calmed my nerves a lot becuase, well, it’s nice to know that people weren’t turned off to knitting, wanted to continue learning, and were ready to have me “teach” them again!

Thanks Kelly!
On another note, we live probably less than an hour apart!