Knitting videos

Amy’s videos are “da bomb!!” For Yule I bought my oldest dd one of those “knitting kits” that has the yarn, pattern, needles, other needed accessories, directions and a DVD on how to knit. (not that she needed the video, but she thinks those kits are really cool). Anyway, last night there was nothing on tv so we decided for fun to watch the DVD. We were dying with laughter. The “knitting model” looked like she had just learned 5 minutes before taping how to do each step. Her movements were akward and fumbling. Her stitches were very loose and it didn’t look like she had knit the rest of the swatches she was sampling. Of course our watching the DVD was much akin to Mystery Science Theatre (for those of you that remember that show!) My dds kept looking at me and going, “Please make it stop!!” They’ve both seen many of Amy’s videos because they lose patience with me.

how funny! Sounds like the lady was just taught to knit herself. And I looove mystery science theatre!