Knitting videos

Does anyone know of any knitting videos for knitting a sweater? I’ve recently become addicted to knitting but am getting tired of making hats and scarfs. I would like to try a sweater but don’t know how to go about it. I do much better with seeing instructions than reading them.

psst you could knit a simple shawl, too:
YO = Yarn over, which is very, very simple/easy…there’s a vid of YO on this website.

You can pick a simple sweater (top down raglan is my recomendation) and follow directions, when you get to a part you dont get, come here and look for a video on that direction…

sweaters are pretty simple…choose your first one with just stockinette.

I don’t know of any videos for an entire sweater, but there are some good instructions and pictures available.

A simple top down sweater was my first and actually it was from this site that I’m linking to for basic top down instructions. I knit #9724 and it was very easy.