Knitting Videos

I hope this is the right forum and I’m not making a major faux pas. But I just viewed the one-row buttonhole video and I’m so excited! Where has that been all my life?! Love it!!! :woohoo: What’s your favorite?

My favorite video? Hmmm …not sure. They were all helpful when I was learning. :thumbsup:

I agree! The videos on here made it possible for me to learn how to do all the different techniques myself. Someone at my last job gave me the basics and then I stumbled onto this website and WOW! Amazing! Thank you! :thumbsup:

I would have to say Amy’s demo of the kitchiner stitch, very helpful.

I would have to say wrap and turn. I still don’t like the technique but Amy’s video made it at least tolerable.

The video is very helpful to learn. esp. for complicated pattern or stitches…i always try the youtube for new things n techniques

My favorites are the seaming videos. They really help.