Knitting vent re error when making up garment

:verysad: Oh man, no matter how many times I check I seem to make some sort of silly error on most things when it comes to sewing the seams. This time I made a cardi type garment for my daughter in a funky fur yarn. It is long sleeved with a back and the left & right sides/fronts knitted seperatley. Anyway the first task was to knit the front pieces to the back at the shoulder. I looked and looked, checked and rechecked in case I had one on the wrong side by mistake (stocking stitch). Anyway I sewed those two seams then went back to it today and found I had somehow put one side on upside down or something. I thought I’d unpick my seam and resow it. Instead I seem to have unpicked the vertical edge somehow and not the seam I wanted to undo. Argh! Anyway I have given up and will probably go into my LYS and hope that one of the ladies there can help me. I’m afraid that if I have another go at undoing the seam that I will unravel all my knitting. Do any of you guys do things like that when making/sewing up?

Oh yes! I’ve had to do the same thing a lot, too :oops:

Don’t worry, I think you’ll do fine. Maybe you can use a different colour for the seamimg thread? So that you can see where your seam is more clearly? Here in this page there is a seaming method called Mattress Stitch used for side seam. I don’t know if this will be helpful :shrug: But the result looks really great, and it doesn’t matter if your seaming thread is in a different colour because it won’t show.

So… I hope this is helpful! :hug:

Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. :hug: I always tie a piece of yarn to the right sides when I’m putting sweaters together because I have done the same thing. :!!!: I do it when I’m knitting it so I don’t forget.You could tie yarn on the top or bottom to remind you which is top or bottom.

thanks for the tips guys. I did think of using matress stitch but had trouble finding the bar between stitches because the yarn I had knitted with was so fluffy. That’s why I used the same yarn to sew with. I thought I was being so careful too. I think I jinxed it by turning it over to check too many times. I think I will do as suggested and put little loops of a different coloured yarn to indicate the right/wrong top/bottom sides next time.