Knitting vacation

im going on vacation in may to roanoke, va. i will be going through some states on 81. anyone in the vincinities that know of any yarn shops on the way? i want to stop at some on my way. thanks maggie

If you’re going to go through SE PA. Make a stop on Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill, in Philadelphia. It’s a wonderful and historic community (it’s called Germantown because that’s where the Prussian troops where housed during the Revolutionary War) and it’s the home of Tangled Web, one of the best LYSs in the area. It’s nice and roomy and they have a great selection and the people there are great. Very helpful and friendly. There are also some very good restaurants on Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill. There’s another LYS on Germantown Ave. called Knit With but I’ve never been there. If you can’t make it to G-town, in South Philly at 19th & South Sts. you can go to Loop and at 20th & Locust Sts. there’s Rosie’s Yarn Cellar. I’ve never been to Loop because when I’ve been able to get there they weren’t open but my DIL says they’ve got a great selection. Rosie’s is ok but it’s really small.

Good Luck and have a great vacation

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Nadja xxx