Knitting two socks simultaneously

Although I am a beginner and have never made socks before, this section from the Reader’s Digest Knitter’s Handbook by Montse Stanley intrigued and confused me:

"…it is quite possible to work them at the same time, one inside the other…

With two balls of yarn:
a) cast on alternately one stitch from each ball until you have enough stitches for both tubes. Make sure that the two yarns do not get tangled.
b) Work each stitch with the yarn it was cast on with. You can either work all rounds with two yarns… or work one round with one yarn and the next with the other - each time slip purl-wise the stitches not being worked. If the two tubes are in stockinette stitch, knitting the outside tube and purling the inside tube helps to differentiate the two layers.

Gauge is likely to be looser than in one-layer work. Check it, and use finer needles if necessary."

Has anyone here actually tried this? I just can’t imagine it, I guess I’d have to try it myself. It sounds like it would be awkward, but then again I keep hearing so many of you complaining of “second sock syndrome”, and this way would seem to eliminate that.

Check out this article on knitty about that very thing…
I have never been brave enough to try it myself!
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THat looks so cool.I myself have never made socks. Something about spending all that time on something just to have people walk around on it kindof bugs me. I love to knit mitts though and i often get SMS or Second Mitt Syndrome. I wonder if I could use that for Mitts? IT looks hard but it would be really cool if you could pull it off.

lots of people have done… but its like a hat trick…

one mistake and your socks are interlocked… and its it hard to get the gauge right–there are easier ways to make 2 socks at a time… (2 on 2 circs for one!)

you can also knit socks in the round on straight needles (2 at a time on 2 straight needles…

use the simple double knit stitch,
use a provisional cast on to cast on X (say 60 with an open ended tube cast on. *K1, yarn forward as if to p, s1, yarn back as if to k, (repeat from * for every row…)

i’ve done glove via the stip stitch double knitting process.

I’ve used that technique for socks but I still prefer having 2 socks on a pair of circulars.

It is a really cool parlor trick though and double knitting is a neat trick to learn for other projects.

This is the [U]best[/U] sock tutorial out there

The Knitty article is great, check out double knitting for more on the technique in general, I have heard some people find that the inside sock is a bit smaller than the outside sock though. Maybe you could turn them inside out and knit on the far side of the circle every couple of rounds? I definitely prefer 2 circs or a long Magic Loop for 2 socks at once though.

Although lots of people have found it easy to do 2 socks together, for me the easiest way is to use separate balls and separate needles for each sock. Knit the cuff of sock 1 then the cuff of sock 2, etc. Each time I complete a section of sock 1, I then complete that section of sock 2. Although they are not completed at the same time, it is so close that SSS doesn’t seem to be an issue. Just another idea.

Definitely makes sense to me! I think I’ll do it that way.

When people say 2 circs, do they mean 2 sets, ie 2 lots of 2 points and a cable, or do they mean two points connected by one cable?

When you’re knitting on 2 circs, you have two cables , each cable connecting 2 needle points.

Thank you, I had thought you could knit socks on just one circular needle.

Yep, that’s Magic Loop - just one circ (for 2 socks on it at once though, you will want a long cable, preferably quite flexible).

ML is the method I find to be easiest. I have KP Options, so it is easy to switch the sock I’ve just worked on to a shorter cable, work on the 2nd sock on the longer cable, then switch the longer cable back to sock 1. It may sound complicated, but it is VERY SIMPLE to do.

Well well having just looked at the knitty tuturial on 2 pairs of socks together I really dont know what to say! I am an avid sock knitter just love the things…cant seem to knit enough of them…But I have to say that knitting 2 together is just way down my list of things to do…Sorry folks I know I must sound boring but give me a set of 4 DPN’s anyday!! I do still get the second sock sydrome occasionally I cure this by starting another pair in a fab new yarn then before I do too much knit that second sock…It usually works for me xx