Knitting two socks - one inside of the other?

Has anyone heard of knitting two socks at a time, one inside of the other? I think it uses double knitting, but beyond that I an uncertain.

It sounds very intriguing, if not practical.


I haven’t tried it yet but here is a link with some info on it. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the link - I’m so gonna try that! Just to see if I can do it, really. Gotta find someone with small feet…

Thanks soooo much :slight_smile: For some reason my google search params were not quite doing it.

See, I read that before, and thought “Never! No way!”

Of course, now I would so do this on my second pair of socks ever, just because. Not that I’ve knitted a first pair yet, but I have the yarn!

I looked at socks the normal way and knew I’d never finish the second sock or if I did it wouldn’t look anything like the first one.

I’ve replaced toes one at a time but have never done a whole sock one at a time.