Knitting Two Socks at Once

I’m knitting two scoks on two circular needles. Does anyone have advice on how to keep the yarn from tangling?

Sometimes it helps to keep the two balls of yarn in separate containers or yarn bowls, one one your left and one on your right. Turning the knitting in the opposite direction to untwist the yarns may also help.
For me, it would take a helper to come by periodically to untangle the yarn. I can tell you from experience that a dog is of no help here.

WHen I am knitting socks when I get to 1 end I turn 1 way then when I get to the other end I turn the yarn and needles the other way. This helps me from getting tangled. It took me a while to get it going like that but then you just do it as a habit.

I cake my yarn (make 2 center pull balls) and then put them in small project bags (or ziplock style plastic bag works too!)

keep one on my left and one on my right… flip the yarn when I flip my work so the left sock’s yarn is always on the left side, right sock’s yarn is always on the right side.

takes an extra 2 seconds with ever turn of the needles, but prevents tangles which can take a lot longer to fix!

I also do my socks toe up, so when I put my project down (once big enough) i shove the yarn leading to each sock into the sock itself!

When I do socks I do magic loop, toe up, two at a tme and I just make one center pull ball and work one sock from the center and one from the outside. this way I just turn my ball every couple of rounds and I’ve never had a problem with it getting tangled.

I should try this. I’ll be casting on for another pair and that’s what I’ll do!

If I tried this I would not only need a “helper” to get my yarn untangled, but I’d need someone to get [U]ME[/U] untangled, too. I’d be so wrapped up in yarn, you’d have to cut me out! And that would not be good since I’m the claustrophobic type! EEEEEEK!

Super, super smart ideas that I can’t wait to try!!!:cheering: