Knitting two socks at once

I’ve seen a video which has 2 socks knitted at the same time on dpns, I’m wondering if it’s similar to the double knitting technique or different?

Is that the one with one made inside the other? I would assume it’s similar to double knitting. Not sure though.

This is the video (series) I saw :slight_smile:


Whoa… yeah similar to double knitting. And as she mentioned in the beginning you have to be careful not to accidentally join them. If you just want to learn something new it seems interesting. I’d rather do two socks at a time on two separate circs. I prefer magic loop. I do the toes on one then on the other. Then the instep one, etc… you get them both done at about the same time. My big complaint about this type of method or two at a time on one long circ is you’ve got two skeins and you’d inevitably end up with tangles and it would not be portable like a single sock. Obviously some people don’t have that problem. :wink:

This is interesting. Maybe I’d actually finish a pair of socks using this method :grinning:

knitting two socks or mittens at a time can be done in the round using the Magic Loop method by Sarah Hauschka’s Magical Unvention, Fiber Trend’s 2002, author Bev Galeskas. She has a nice brochure. There are also youtube videos on how to cast on, etc. I have used it for several years now for socks and mittens. It is not double knitting as in double thick, or double sided. It results in a PAIR of identical socks or mittens.

@polskagirl yes I’ve seen the ML method, and actually prefer the look of it, but I can’t seem to master the ML method yet can work happily on dpns - I’m hoping when I get my HiyaHiya set next week (can’t wait!) then I’ll be able to start practising more as the only circular needle I have at the moment is this:

and I’m struggling with it,

ETA - just for clarification my needle is a 5mm :slight_smile:

Inexpensive needles with inflexible cables can make magic loop a nightmare! :scream: I nearly gave up till I got my Knit Picks Options (my first set) and then I was able to learn to do it easily. I’m sure you’ll love your Hiya Hiyas!

@Jan_in_CA I can’t wait! Especially after all the indecision over them :laughing:

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@Evie I also use KNit Picks wooden needles both straight and circular, they are not expensive and are flexible and comfy. I have not used Hiya Hiyas.

I ummm may have been a bit (lot) naughty and ordered a set of Options, as well as the HiyaHiyas… :blush:

:joy: It’s a disease! Did you order nickel plated or birch? If birch what color? I have a few of the birch, but the full set of nickel plated. I have a full set of Knitter’s Pride wood…birch I think? Anyway, you won’t regret having more than one set. If you have more than one project or 10… you need them!

I went for nickle plated as the HH’s are bamboo. Can’t wait to get them!

Oh good! Nice to have both when you need them! Some yarns are sticky and do better with metal.

Yes, I especially tend to use DK baby yarn as it’s just so soft (as well as the ‘special’ DK that I just found in my stash - definitely need to do something with that soon!) but fell straight off my metal dpns.

Wood is definitely better for some yarns. As you knit more you see what works for you.

Thursday for the Options, and anywhere between this and next Friday for the HH’s - I’m like an impatient kid at Christmas, I want them now!!

Knitters everywhere stalk the mailman. :innocent::joy:

:laughing: My postie is awesome, she’s lovely and is used to me mugging her for various Amazon purchases! I have now acquired a HH fixed circular in 8mm for my bulky yarn and love it already! Now I really can’t wait for that set to arrive, but not due to arrive before the 15th :tired_face:

Thank you for your sharing! Looks interesting!
But I think it might not that easy tto me.LOL
But I am gonna to try!
Let’s prepare for my baby:kissing_smiling_eyes: