Knitting two pieces at once?

Okay, I’m trying to knit a bear. I’ve already made the pieces for the head, arms, and legs but didn’t think the body was going to give me this much trouble.

I’ll post the part of the pattern giving me issues:

Body (make 2)

Starting at base, make a dart as follows:
With main color, cast on 2 sts
Inc 1 st then at each end of next and every alt row until 12 sts
K 1 row

Leave sts on a holder (or at back of needle) and make another pieces the same by repeating from * to **

Next row – Inc 1 st at beg of row, knit to end and then across sts on holder, inc 1 st at end of row
K 1 row
Inc 1 st at each end of row (28 sts)
K 2 rows straight

I am incredibly confused right now. I’ve never used a holder (I actually don’t have one so I’d probably just push the work to the back of the needle). But in the most basic terms possible, can someone explain to me what needs to happen?

Am I going to continue using the same strand of yarn, or am I going to have to figure out how to incorporate another, or something else entirely? So, for example, would I just cast on, do as told and when I need to start the next piece do I just push the work back and start casting on again the new work with the same yarn as before? Would that even work?

It’s also confusing to me as it says to make two pieces - so I’m going to have to sew them up eventually. I’m guessing it’s because the bear in the picture has a little ridge running up his stomach so I’m betting that’s what we’re trying to accomplish here but I am having major trouble!

Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re going to make 2 separate pieces up to where you join them where it says “Next row.”

So make one and push it to the end of the needle and cut the yarn, leaving a tail to weave in later.

After the second piece is completed, increase one at the beginning of the row, work across the stitches of this second piece and then work across the stitches from the first piece and increase at the end.

Now both pieces will be joined and you go from there.